Residential Lifts & Elevators

If it’s getting difficult for you or a loved one to manoeuvre steps, stairs or changes in levels in the home, a platform lift may be the right solution. Residential platform lifts & elevators provide an alternative to a costly move or major changes to living arrangements.

Our residential lifts are safe, easy to operate and offer a cost-effective solution to accessibility in the home.

Vestner's series of lifts, designed and manufactured in NZ, are currently the ONLY lifts worldwide that fully meet all the compliance requirements of both Australian and New Zealand  Standards

What is a platform lift?

Platform lifts go by many names including wheelchair lift, low rise lift, vertical platform lift, residential lift, platform elevator and porch lift. They all mean the same thing – a motorised lift that is designed to vertically raise or lower a person.

The Vestner series of residential platform lifts & elevators are designed for distances up to 1.5m, making them an ideal solution for navigating any change in levels into and within the home.

Plan for the future

If you’re purchasing a new home, renovating an existing home or beginning to think about where you’ll live when you get older, we encourage you to think about how some simple modifications could make your home safer and more accessible for everyone. These considerations can provide you with a more comfortable home when you have small children around and also allow you to stay in the same home as you get older.

Vestner collaborates with Lifemark NZ, an independent, not-for-profit organisation that advocates for the improvement of NZ housing by future proofing and providing design solutions to the ageing and changing population. Platform lifts are an example of a design solution that can make your home safer and more accessible.

Platform lifts are suitable for:

  • People of all ages with disabilities or reduced mobility
  • Those who use walking frames or wheelchairs
  • Carers for people with reduced mobility
  • Elderly people

Our lifts can be installed almost anywhere:

We have installed our low rise lifts in hundreds of homes across Australia & New Zealand and are able to design and adapt our models to fit just about any environment or architectural challenge, including:

  • Inside the house
  • Outdoors
  • Front door access from path or driveway
  • Split level homes
  • Garage access

Vestner series platform lifts are free-standing and bolt directly onto a concrete pad or timber floor, so there’s no need to construct a pit. They do not require a load bearing wall, allowing a wider choice in positioning the lift (note: some models can also be pit installed, if preferred, where the requirement for the small lead-up ramp can be dispensed with). They simply require a connection to a standard power supply.

We offer very short lead times to allow for a quick installation with experienced Vestner distributors located throughout Australia.


There are several Vestner series platform lifts available, as shown to the left. The model that will be best for you will depend upon your requirements and installation location. There are also a number of personalised accessories and options that can meet your individual needs, safety and ease of operation.


Funding may be available through the Home Modification Service or Veterans Affairs in Australia.

The Vestner series lift is an access lift of choice for the New Zealand Ministry of Health and the NZ Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) nationwide.


All Vestner platform lifts come with a comprehensive warranty that covers the lift and the installation when undertaken by an approved Vestner distributor or subcontractor.

Safety standards & compliance

We design and manufacture our platform lifts with a focus on user safety, compliance and reliability. The range of Vestner series lifts are compliant with the Australian regulatory requirements.  Vestner Australian distributors are able to advise on code compliance and are happy to provide you with any documents required.

Planning & consultancy

Vestner's Australian distributors are happy to review proposals & plans and provide advice and feedback on suitable Vestner products that meet clients needs.  Technical shop and installation drawings are also available.

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