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Pandect low rise platform lifts provide quality access solutions to a wide range of indoor and outdoor settings and environments throughout Australasia including:

  • Hotels, cafes and restaurants
  • Conference/event centres
  • Retail outlets
  • Shopping malls - mezzanine floors
  • Financial & legal institutions - banks and law courts
  • Churches/church halls
  • Education facilities - stages, libraries, orchestra pits, pre-fab classrooms and general access
  • Gyms and swimming pools
  • Council amenities -scenic viewing platforms
  • And many others


Pandect lifts are a compact design that are 'easy on the eye' without imposing too great a visual impact with their surroundings. The manufacturer's powder coated colour usually blends in well with any environment however colour options are available to suit individual settings or to match that corporate colour. There is also the option of stainless steel fabrication.

Pandect assists our distributors by discussing each individual lift order and recommending the best possible match of lift for the particular need/environment. This includes the provision of a lift diagram specific to the particular job. Our distributors also undertake site visits to determine suitability and positioning as required.


Given New Zealand’s close proximity and frequency of freight connections we can supply these companies very competitively and with short lead times.

Pandect's distributors will liaise with you throughout the process from enquiry through to installation and commissioning of the lift (and servicing thereafter) providing suitably qualified technicians and advice as required.

They will provide relevant parties with all the information they require in order to ensure the surrounding built environment is prepared appropriately prior to the lifts installation.

               Key points:

    • Pandect lifts are surface mounted to either concrete or timber floor joists using a bolt down system. No pit is required. No structural load bearing wall is required
    • Lifts can however be installed behind a full height interlocked door and side walls creating a 'lift shaft'. Where this occurs a 60mm pit option installation can be accommodated (does away with lead-up ramp)
    • Ensure correct tolerances between the lift and the surrounding surfaces are allowed for - as per specific lift drawing
    • Ensure all built surfaces are flush, plumb and without projections (smooth)
    • Ensure the lift base is suitable and/or prepared correctly - important the lift's bolt down 'T' Frame is affixed to a flat and square base
    • Pandect's distributors can review plans and, in conjunction with Pandect, provide site specific installation diagrams
    • The Installation Instructions provided by Pandect have been reviewed and signed off by an independent Structural Engineer and must be complied with

Technical Drawings

For shop and installation drawings please click on commercial technical drawings

In addition CAD elevations (dwg & dxf formats) are available through our distributors for direct placement into building plans.


Pandect supports its distributors with the provision of Safety and Compliance documents including:

    • Producer Statement Design - PS1
    • Producer Statement Design Review - Structural - PS2
    • Producer Statement Design Review - Lift Installation - PS2
    • Producer Statement Design Review - Lift Safety Certificate (Standards Compliance) - PS2
    • Lift Particulars Schedule
    • Pressure Test Certificate - Manufacturer’s In Factory
    • Installer’s Checklist - Site Hazard, Safety & Equipment Test
    • Annual Inspection Check List
    • Associated Lift Documentation
    • Signage - Disabled Access


For additional product information please click on commercial brochure & model specifications or contact us

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