Maintenance & Servicing

Both platform lifts and elevators should be maintained in accordance with Vestner's recommendations to ensure the Warranty provisions are not compromised and to keep the lift in excellent working condition. Maintaining the lift will also prolong the life of the product.

Platform lifts and elevators


Lifts require minimal maintenance by the owner (documented in the Owners Manual)

  • Scheduled servicing of a lift involves a full and thorough inspection of the structural and operational functions of the lift and its interface with the surrounding environment
  • Repairs should only be undertaken by suitability trained technicians who are knowledgeable of the product and compliance requirements and to ensure that appropriate replacement parts are used where required
  • In the unlikely event that your lift needs to be repaired, Vestner's Australian distributor can arrange for a trained technician to call and repair your lift


Lifts in single household dwellings should be serviced every twelve (12) months


Lifts in commercial settings must be serviced in accordance with Vestner's (as manufacturer) recommendations and in terms of any requirements of the local authority. This is usually at six (6) monthly intervals or more frequently where governing bodies may require this

Service Agreements

Please contact a Vestner distributor to discuss Service Agreements

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