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Health Professional: Access Platform Lifts


For those involved in the disability and wider health sector the evaluation of all options for access, both into and within premises
is very important. One such proven option for consideration is the provision of a low-rise platform lift

Pandect, along with its national network of Australian distributors, have wide experience in this sector in all environments and settings both commercial and residential.

Our services include:

  • Advice on the suitability of a platform lift for a particular environment 
  • Determining, through discussion and site visits, the most appropriate model and options to best meet client needs
  • Information for health professionals and clients to assist in decision making
  • Platform lift familiarity and product training
  • Disability and health sector agency liaison - private and government

Our distributors welcome enquiries from Health Professionals to discuss your access challenges. They will provide you with the information to enable you to make an informed decision on platform lifts and their suitability to provide you with the desired solution to disabled access.

Platforms lifts

Providing access can be a major challenge especially where space is limited or substantial ramping might be required due to the different height levels involved. An ideal solution to these access challenges is the installation of a platform lift  

Platform lifts are a safe, reliable, easy to operate and cost effective solution in providing access both into and within private homes and commercial premises. They are inexpensive to run (using about the same amount of power as a standard light bulb) and operate on batteries so there is no need to worry about a power cut preventing the use of the lift. (Mains power supplies the current to continually keep the batteries topped up to full strength).

After completion of any necessary work on-site (such as a concrete pad or decking), the installation of the lift is quick and non-invasive. Pandect lifts simply bolt down and are then connected into the power supply like a household appliance.

In New Zealand the Ministry of Health and Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) purchase Pandect’s full range of low rise platform lifts under a preferred supplier agreement. It is pleasing to see this relationship with the health sector developing in Australia, through our distributors, where Pandect lifts are often being specified as the lift of choice by relevant government authorities. 

What are the most important considerations?

In assessing the needs of your client’s please consider the following points which will assist you in determining not only whether a Pandect lift is the most suitable solution but also which model is most appropriate and what accessories maybe required:

  • Height rise between the levels
  • Available space for the lift installation and ease of access onto it
  • Overall lifting capacity required taking into account
    • the person/s who will use the lift
    • the weight of any equipment e.g. wheelchair – manual or powered
    • whether a carer will also be on the lift
  • Overall car space the client will require considering
    • persons using the lift
    • equipment size e.g. power wheelchair
    • sole use or more than one person e.g. carer
  • Will the lift require call buttons - single or carer/multiple users
  • Cognizance of a specific user
    • a remote control better suited
    • any required modifications
  • Lift Orientation - entry/exit 'adjacent' or 'straight through'
  • Main car controls/tower – right or left positioning (taken from the bottom landing)
  • Secondary controls required - opposite side to main car controls
  • Lift directional buttons - momentary or constant pressure type
  • Fall protection for the lift entrance at the upper landing – is a landing gate or barrier arm required
  • Future proofing - will the lift meet the needs of the client in the future
  • Harsh installation environment - e.g. salt air requiring stainless steel lift bodywork

What is the most appropriate model for my client?

Please click on residential lift guide calculator for assistance in choosing the model of lift that best matches the needs of your client.

Further information on Pandect's mobility lifts can be obtained by clicking on residential brochure & model specifications or for further assistance please contact us

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