Health Professional Assist


Vestner's Australian distributors have considerable experience in the health & disability sector and welcome the opportunity to discuss access solutions and provide information to assist Health Professionals in identifying lift options for people with disabilities in private dwelling and commercial premises.

Services available from distributors include:

  • Advice and consultancy on the suitability of platform lifts & elevators
  • Site visits to discuss & determine suitability of lift options and the installation environment
  • In-service training relating to Vestner products
  • Product information for clients and Health Professionals

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Platform Lifts up to 1.5m of rise

Vestner's series of lifts are fully compliant with Australian & NZ Standards and disability codes & recommendations.    Lifts have been designed and developed with input from Occupational Therapists for over 15 years.

These lifts are ideal for those situations where space is an issue; where the required height rise would result in significant ramping or where clients can’t use ramps.  They are also an excellent option within the home for internal access challenges.

Once any necessary site preparation work has been completed, lift installation is quick and easy using a simple bolt down system connected to the standard household electricity supply.

Australia's Home Modification Services or Veterans Affairs may be able to assist with funding lifts for people with disabilities. 

What do I need to consider?

In assessing your client’s needs the following factors will assist you to determine the suitability of a Vestner series platform lift along with the most appropriate model and any accessories required:

  • Height rise between the levels
  • Available space for the lift installation and ease of access onto it
  • Overall lifting capacity required taking into account
    • the person who will use the lift
    • the weight of any equipment e.g. wheelchair – manual or powered
    • whether a carer will also be on the lift
  • Overall platform user space required taking into account
    • the person who will use the lift
    • the size of any equipment e.g. wheelchair
    • whether a carer will also be on the lift
  • Will the lift be used by multiple users/carer - requiring call buttons
  • The person’s functional and cognitive ability to use the lift
  • Remote controls required
  • Clients special needs e.g. larger lift controls
  • Orientation of the lift - 'straight through' or 'adjacent' (900) exit
  • Positioning of the lift control tower – left or right (as viewed from the lower landing)
  • Protection of the upper landing entrance for lifts - barrier arm or gate required
  • Manual or fully automatic car and/or landing gate
  • Future proofing - will the lift meet the needs of the client in the future

Choosing the right lift for my client?

Please click on Residential Access Guide Calculator to assist you in identifying the lift model that best meets your client’s needs.

For additional product information please go to the Commercial Lifts & Elevators section and/or the Residential Lifts & Elevators section.

Servicing and repairs

Lifts should be serviced annually by suitably trained technicians and in doing so will provide years of reliable service.

Should repairs to the lift be required, these should be undertaken by trained technicians.

Lift removal

The installation method allows for easy removal with minimal ‘make-good’.  

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Vestner - Lifemark Product Partner

Lifemark is a NZ certification standard that embraces intelligent design concepts that make living easy.

With Vestner obtaining Product Partner status, it ultimately provides reassurance for builders, designers, specifiers and developers that our products have been designed to meet the needs of  people, no matter what their age, stage or ability.

Learn about Vestner's Product Partner status with Lifemark

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