Frequently Asked Questions

About Vestner NZ Limited (formally Pandect Ltd)

Being a New Zealand manufacturer does Vestner have representation throughout Australia?

Vestner NZ is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and over the last decade has built up very strong relationships with a number of reputable lift companies (distributors). Together they provide, install and service the Pandect brand of platform lifts in every State and Territory throughout Australia.

Can a Vestner distributor come to my home or business to discuss access solutions?

Yes, Vestner distributors will visit you and provide you with information and assistance to help you when considering a lift. 

What sort of support does Vestner provide?

Vestner provides full support to its distributors including product advice, customised build, site specific drawings, technical data, relevant compliance documentation, service & maintenance material, spare parts and the like.

In fact being based in much the same time zones, speaking the same language & terminology and having very similar compliance requirements Vestner is effectively 'local'.

What are the manufacturing lead times?

Typically Vestner lifts are manufactured and dispatched within a 4 to 6 week timeframe (depending on the model ordered) and are then airfreighted, usually within 24-48 hrs, to the closet point of entry for each distributor.

What is the availability of spare parts?

In terms of repairs a significant number of component parts are commonly available within Australia and are widely used by our distributors in their day to day businesses.

For those parts that are specific to Vestner lifts a full selection of parts is available ex shelf and Vestner can always manufacture any specific part required at short notice. Any parts not held in stock by our distributors are air freighted quickly to minimise any potential downtime.

Platform Lifts

Is it expensive to run a platform lift?

No it is very economical.  The Vestner brand of platform lifts use on average, about the same amount of power as that of one standard light bulb.

What is the cost of a platform lift?

Due to the range of lift models and accessories, it is best to contact one of Vestner's Australian distributors to discuss your needs and they can provide you with a complete quotation – cost free and with no obligation

Do the Vestner brand of lifts meet Australian Standards requirements for public buildings?

Yes they do. The Vestner brand of commercial lifts have been specifically designed and independently certified to meet public building requirements both in Australia and New Zealand.




Do Vestner distributors offer Service packages?

Service Agreements are available..

I live in Australia, can I buy a lift direct from Vestner?

Vestner only exports lifts to reputable lift companies outside the New Zealand market. This ensures compliance with local regulations, quality of installation and service provision.

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