Custom Design

In addition to our standard production models of low rise platform lifts/elevators, Vestner's distributors with the support of Vestner NZ can provide the following services for custom design and build.

Design assistance:

  • Working with clients to design solutions
  • Provision of CAD drawings and diagrams

Customisation of standard lifts:

  • Matching a client’s colour requirements
  • Modification to suit specific needs and environments
  • Specialised controls to suit individual requirements

Custom design build:

  • Lifts where space limitations require non standard products
  • Lift features to suit specific applications

Vestner has supplied a number of custom designed lifts including:

  • Stage lift with ‘swing away’ shaft wall offering access for both passengers and stage equipment
  • Bespoke pit installed lift, flush with footpath, providing both vertical and horizontal access to Christchurch trams
  • The Sydney Observatory offering access to the telescope viewing platform
  • Disabled access to estuary and wetlands council viewing platform

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