Commercial Platform Lifts

Vestner's range of commercial platform lifts & elevators provides an alternative to the high costs and construction requirements associated with high-speed, volume moving lifts in a public or commercial environment. Their compact design allows for installation in both indoor and outdoor settings, particularly where stairs are expected to carry most of the traffic.

Our low rise lifts can be used to provide threshold entry, access to mezzanine or first floors and more. Lifts can be customised to match the aesthetics of the environment.

We design and manufacture our lifts with a focus on user safety, compliance and reliability. Our commercial platform lifts come with a comprehensive warranty that covers the lift and the installation when undertaken by a Vestner distributor.

Vestner's series of commercial lifts are suitable for:

Any application or situation where a low-rise lift is required to enable access.

Our commercial platform lifts have been installed in:

  • Retail outlets
  • Education facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Conference and events centres
  • Shopping malls
  • Gyms
  • Swimming pool complexes
  • Stages
  • Libraries
  • Council buildings
  • Courthouses


The Vestner series products offer compliancy with the Australian regulations. Lifts:

  • are built to meet Australian Standards - AS 1735.14 Low rise platforms for passengers or AS 1735.15 Low-rise passenger lifts. They also comply with International Disability Codes and recommendations including Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards 2010
  • are compliant with the Australian Building Code
  • have Certificates of Plant Design Registration issued by Workcover NSW Govt

All Compliance documents are available


  • Vestner series lifts & elevators are free-standing and bolt directly onto a concrete pad or timber floor (without the need for a pit) and do not require a load bearing wall, allowing a wider choice in positioning
  • There is a pit-installed option available on some models where the requirement for the small lead-up ramp can be dispensed with
  • Simple connection to standard power supply, with lockable isolation switch located close to the lift
  • Very short lead times allow for a quick installation

Planning & consultancy

Vestner's Australian distributors are happy to review proposals & plans and provide a site specific drawing as a guide for any build works that may be required. Technical shop and installation drawings are also available.

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