When to consider a Platform Lift

4th Aug 15

Often or not, the decision to employ the services of a Pandect lift is something that is recommended by health professionals or a peer that currently uses Pandect’s products.

There are some significant reasons why one may look to the installation of a platform lift. We’ll look at the two main ones – physical and environmental. Each of these reasons is intertwined, so in all fairness, is not something that will stand alone.

Age, arthritis and inflammation of the joints, imbalance and unsteadiness are all reasons that some residents will look to as an alternative method to safely access their homes. Often it can be difficult, painful or just about near impossible to physically access doorways and pathways that once seemed like a ‘walk in the park’.

Degeneration of muscles, joints, limbs and balance not to mention more serious health matters can all lead to further injury and disability if not ‘managed’ appropriately. Comparably, if an individual is a wheelchair user, a platform lift gives back the freedom to a person whose mobility is beginning to decrease, specifically when related to vertical movement such as steps or stairs. It allows them greater independence and the ability to continue on with life’s basic tasks without having to rely on additional carer support or be at risk of further injury.

Closely linked to the physical need for a platform lift  – someone who has taken a fall or is feeling the effects of limited mobility begins to also suffer mentally, through a loss in confidence, self-awareness, self-worth and the general feeling of immobilization – whether this is actually real  or perceived.

“Having a physical disability may cause great distress - using a wheelchair may reduce the contact we have with other people and make us deeply unhappy. Coming to terms with having a physical disability can also be a difficult and distressing process.”[1]

The provision of a platform lift and ability for someone to continue carrying out the daily tasks they have always been able to complete, means the stressors often associated with a decline in physical ability is kept at bay. Self-worth is closely tied to independence, and a Pandect platform lift is one mechanism to help maintain independence.

Image sourced from Pain Management Aid, Pain Management Aid.

As you will know from previous articles, legislation and compliance from the point of view of building owners, businesses and some residential properties, means that the environment that people carry out their daily lives within require the need for accessibility and safe mobility.

Environmental impact refers to the physical environment that someone with a mobility issue faces. This may include steps, stairs, uneven pathways, narrow pathways etc. and takes into account the environment someone needs to remain safe, including the removal of hazards and where the minimisation of risk is paramount. Part of the solution can be the inclusion of a Pandect platform lift that allows individuals to travel vertically (up to 1.5metres in height) meaning the physical necessity to climb stairs and steps is negated – and impossible if someone was using a wheelchair.


Pandect’s platform lifts are a cost-effective way to meet compliance requirements for business owners and landlords but for some business, such as cafes or restaurants, this can be a competitive advantage and the perfect way to attract (and support) new (and existing) clientele.

Are you or a loved one restricted physically, mentally or environmentally? It’s time to talk to a Pandect representative. Freedom may just be a call away.



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As National Sales and Operations Manager, Mark’s role includes building and maintaining business relationships, and managing and overseeing larger projects, all while keeping a watchful eye out for business opportunities.  Having a background in the health and disability sector provides Mark with the necessary understanding to assist clients when considering access solutions for people with mobility requirements.

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