Swimming Pool Accessibility Options For The Disabled And Elderly

14th Jan 13

At Pandect Mobility Solutions, we specialise in creating more accessible environments in the home, workplace and at educational and health facilities with the latest, easy to use lift and handling technologies. We believe that helping the elderly and disabled maintain independence and freedom is incredibly important.  

Not every obstacle is as easy to overcome however - some problems require a little bit of ingenuity.

Rehabilitation and exercise programmes conducted in a swimming pool have been found to be very beneficial due to the weightlessness achieved in the water and the lower resistance encountered however, easy access to a pool can sometimes prove problematic. Swimming pool accessibility is incredibly important for many disabled and elderly members of our community and there are a number of solutions available to suit pools of almost any shape and size. Whether you are retrofitting or undertaking a new pool build there is a Pandect Mobility Solutions option available.  

Sloped Entry Ramps  

One of the simplest pool accessibility solutions, a sloped entry ramp with a slip-resistant material allows easy access but does require some time and effort for construction. Handrails can be attached and, while it's not recommended that you submerge wheelchairs in the pool with a sloped entry ramp, water wheelchairs can be purchased and used too.  

Pool Lifts  

For those that would have difficulty walking down a ramp, a pool lift can make access incredibly easy. Installed at the pool's edge, a pool lift allows the user independent pool access through and easy-to-use panel. A variety of seat sizes are available for pool lifts to suit all members of the population, and while handrails are an optional addition, footrests are required for all installations to ensure safety at all times.  

Transfer Walls  

Transfer walls are commonly used in conjunction with a ramp or lift to allow the user to leave their wheelchair or seat to enter the pool. Rounded corners prevent injury and a secure bar on the wall offers freedom of movement within the water with only the use of the upper body.  

Zero Entry Ramps  

Pools specifically designed for the elderly or disabled sometimes feature gradual entry or 'zero entry' ramps. More a feature of construction than an actual ramp, a zero entry ramp is a type of pool floor that gradually lowers into the water. While a fantastic accessibility solution, it is one of the hardest to retrofit and will usually only be found in purpose-built pools for the disabled.  

Are you curious about the best type of accessibility option for your swimming pool? Talk to us at Pandect Mobility Solutions about your needs and let us help you create an affordable and effective disability friendly environment. Whether residentially, commercially or for your school or hospital, we offer a full range of planning, design, build and maintenance services.

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