How Schools Can Meet The Needs Of Students With Physical Disabilities

7th Feb 13

Catering to the needs of students with physical disabilities in an education facility can be a little bit more work than around the home or the workplace. Students of all ages need to be made to feel as if they fit in, whatever kind of impairment they suffer with. Providing accessibility throughout your buildings is crucial, as well as designing courses to suit those with mobility difficulties.


Pandect designs and creates solutions to help those that need it in every situation. From the home to the school place, we can help make more accessible environments. Make sure your facility is providing all it needs to by reading on for a few ways that you school should be meeting the needs of students with disabilities.  

Low End Technology  

Most mobility issues can and have been solved through the use of low end technology for years in schools. Buildings commonly allows better access through ramps for wheelchairs, grab bars in bathrooms and disabled toilet cubicles which give plenty of room for those that require assistance.  

This low end technology is perfect for making daily living and accessibility simple. Bathrooms, for instance, are one of the most important areas that independence is crucial - without it, students with physical disabilities can find education to be an incredibly frustrating experience.  

High End Technology  

At the other end of the spectrum, high end technology solutions can be used to provide access and assist with learning itself.  

In educational facilities with multiples buildings with multiple levels, getting around can be something of an issue. At Pandect Mobility Solutions, we specialise in creating accessibility for those who need it with platform lifts. They are easy to install and able to be used inside and outside.  

With computers an integral part of modern day life, it's crucial that your school makes it easy for those with physical disabilities to learn with them. Touch screens are a simple piece of hardware commonly available that makes use easy for those with motor difficulties, while alternative input features like voice communication are standard with most software suites.

Accessible Physical Education courses  

Physical education classes can be embarrassing for those who suffer from disability. Designing courses with their limitations in mind can make it easy for them to get involved and be included. Making sure you allow access to school gym facilities with platform or mobility lifts is the first step.  

Focus on what handicapped students are capable of rather than what they aren't. This will allow you to make and modify physical education programs to suit. Helping them find success could be through anything from modified equipment or a modified course that lets them participate.  

Consider a few of these ways that you can meet the needs of physically disabled students in your school. A little care and planning can go a long way to helping those who need help find success in education. For accessibility and mobility, the Pandect team can help. Contact us to discuss your facilities needs today.

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