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31st Jul 13

It's no secret that most accidents occur in and around the home. For those of us who are older, and are perhaps not as spritely and dextrous as we once were, this means it is all the more important to have safety measures in place to prevent injuries inside and outside the home.

There are many simple household items and architecture that contributes to unsafe environment including steep steps, slippery surfaces and dark areas.

The elderly are at a far higher risk for significant damage after a fall with injuries ranging from broken hips, wrists and ankles, to severe bruising and significant head injuries. There is also the chance of a fall incapacitating the person to the point where they are unable to get up, or get to a phone, rendering them helpless for a period of time.

There are many ways to prevent these types of injuries inside and outside the home to make it safer for seniors and their loved ones. One measure is ensuring the home is well lit. A well-lit home is a hazard identifiable home. Installing lights on timers ensures your path, whether inside or out, is visible and anything that has potential to be a trip danger can be spotted and avoided before causes an accident.
While security lights are generally installed to alert homeowners to potential predators outside, they can also be used as sensor lighting outside.

Installing platform lifts inside or outside the home is another way of staying safe, especially for those who have limited mobility, painful arthritis or frequent lightheadedness. Platform lifts can be designed to suit the décor and space of the home, and can be fitted inside homes with multiple levels and steep staircases. They are helpful not only moving people up and down different levels but also groceries and other heavy or awkward items which may contribute to an injury. They are useful for people who need to take their frames or walking canes, or crutches, throughout the house.

The lifts can also be installed outside the house or in a two level garage to assist with entry and exit into the home. Another great way to keep the body damage-free is mounting hand rails in and outside of the house. These can be helpful while in the shower, bathroom, garage or even simply the hallway, to ensure slips and falls don't happen.

The most important thing to remember is to be aware of your surroundings and limitations and accommodate accordingly. While this might mean installing platform lifts, hand rails and sensor-activated lighting, it could make all the difference in creating a safe living environment

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