Portable Platform Lifts Are an Ideal Solution for Access Challenges

5th Jun 17

When it comes to access solutions, one of the biggest challenges is addressing temporary or infrequent access needs. It wouldn’t make sense, for example, to install a platform lift in a home where it would only be need for a few months. Or to build a ramp or install a lift to provide stage access that may be needed only occasionally. In these situations, the best solution may be a portable platform lift.

What is a portable platform lift?

A portable platform lift works similarly to installed platform lifts in that they are used to raise an individual from one level to another. Instead of being permanently installed, these innovative structures can be moved from location to location to provide access as and when needed. Portable platform lifts have a smaller footprint that their more permanent relatives, making them an ideal solution in places with limited space. When the lift is needed, it is simply wheeled into place and plugged into a nearby outlet.


Scenarios where portable platform lifts make the most sense

Many people are not aware of all the ways a portable lift can be used to meet access requirements. In many situations, a portable lift is a better option than a permanent structure. Below we’ve listed some of the more frequent scenarios where portable lifts can be used.


  • To allow access to school stages. In older schools, there is not usually existing space in the hall where a permanently platform lift can be placed or a ramp can be built. A portable platform lift can be used even in very tight spaces.
  • To provide access to stages at events. This is especially helpful for events that are set up at a temporary location, such as a music festival.
  • In situations where a child with a disability may only be at the school for a short period of time or only need access to the stage once in a while. In these cases, it might not make sense to build ramps or install a permanent lift in multiple locations when a portable lift can be used instead.
  • For people who have a short-term disability and need access to their home. For example, someone who is temporarily in a wheelchair will not need a permanent structure built, but will need access to their home while they are rehabilitating.
  • Short-term solution when longer-term modifications are being made to a home. This allows an individual to return home while they wait for permanent changes to be made.


Features and benefits of our portable platform lift

For those in Australia who need a temporary lift solution we can refer you to our distributors who offer the Mobilift. The unique features of the Mobilift mean that this life can be used in the most challenging situations. For example, the passenger can be placed on the lift before it is wheeled into position, allowing for access in extremely small spaces. It is also very easy to move and thus easily transported between locations by one person. The Mobilift is fairly customisable – we are able to provide various bridge ramp lengths and offer powder coating to better match your surroundings.


If you’re considering a temporary lift solution, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs. We would be delighted to learn more about your unique situation and help you decide if a portable platform lift will suit your unique needs either directly or via our distribution network. Our team is highly experienced with providing access solutions in Australia, so we are confident that we can help you find a solution no matter how challenging your situation!

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