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27th Jun 13

For most people, independence is largely one of the most highly valued entitlements in someone's life. For those of us in wheelchairs or who have significant difficulty walking or negotiating stairs, retaining ones independence can be challenging.

As technology has progressed, so has the ease of getting around. A wheelchair user is no longer stranded on the ground floor of their house, office, school, or in any other building or service they may need to access.

While ramps are good for smaller needs, they are no substitute for a platform lift as they can be impractical indoors due to space. Platform lifts are especially useful in multi-storey houses where staircases can present a challenge. The lifts allow the user to move between floors safely.

Platform lifts are also suitable for outdoor spaces. Weatherproof and durable, the lifts offer another option to increase accessibility for wheelchair users in existing buildings.

They can easily be installed in any outdoor or indoor environments, stages and orchestra pits, for classroom access, in car parks, mezzanines, split level homes or offices and viewing platforms.
The lifts can be custom designed to fit in with your décor and environment. Lift control panels can also be adapted to suit the individuals needs as well as working with the look of the space.

• In the home
For someone struggling with everyday tasks like climbing stairs due to arthritis or mobility issues, or for someone using a wheelchair or walking frame, installing a platform lift can be invaluable. Platform lifts are ideal, as walking aids such as frames and canes, as well as wheelchairs can easily be carried too. People who cope with stiffness and pain are also susceptible to falls, so a platform can provide a safer way to travel around the home. They are easily installed in the home and require far less space than a ramp. Platform lifts can also be custom designed to fit both the user's needs and their home.

• Commercial and School Buildings
Platform lifts are ideal for commercial business as they not only save space but meet all the Government requirements on access for disabled persons. The lifts are built to suit a variety of settings and environments and include different finishes from powder coated to stainless steel. The platforms are suitable for anyone with reduced mobility including wheelchair users, those with walking aids and frames, the elderly and even those with prams and pushchairs.

• Indoor/Outdoor flow
The lifts are not just designed for indoor use; they are also suitable for the outdoors as well.
Lifts can be built out of a variety of materials which make them durable for the sometimes harsh outdoor elements. The lifts can be compact retrofitted at existing locations and fit around the design of the building as well as incorporate into new builds and extensions.

Whatever the requirement, platform lifts are proven to be ideal in any environment.

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