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17th Mar 15

At Pandect, we know that we have some awesome products that are making everyday life so much more enjoyable for a small population, through accessibility. So when we have one of our Australian partners wanted to tell the world about it, we are always more than happy to accommodate!


Introducing Stephen Stead, Business Development Manager, of Apollo Lifts.

"Recently Apollo Lifts had a fantastic opportunity to install a Pandect lift at the Sydney Observatory (Sydney Observatory Third Dome). What makes this such a remarkable achievement is that this new building is the only observatory in the Southern Hemisphere that has been designed with the mix of disability access and astrology in mind. World-wide there are only a handful of such-like buildings that are fully accessible.

The New South Wales Government, has formally stated that that they are ‘committed to breaking down inclusion and participation barriers, making it easier for people with disabilities  and seniors to be involved in communities, and enhancing cultural, creative and artistic opportunities’. The result of this commitment was a $682,000 funded project undertaken by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences at the Sydney Observatory where the new building houses a purpose built telescope with articulated eyepiece, sourced from Colorado, and is specifically designed for wheelchair access. 



The Apollo Lift team were tasked with the implementation of a Pandect platform  lift, a small component of the overall project but no less important.


This lift allows those less mobile to now experience the amazement of ‘space’ and with the new state-of-the-art telescope that has the ability to be lowered and raised to a particular person’s eye level – including those in wheelchairs.


“While we have provided an outdoor telescope experience for people with disabilities for years, there is really nothing like a dome experience….Much consultation has gone into the selection of the new telescope and how it will operate with the mechanics of the old dome”. 

Toner Stevenson, Manager Sydney Observatory


The lift’s functionality and aesthetics also added to the overall awe of the building’s design and reinstatement to its original location, which was topped with the original old heritage copper dome – weighing in at two tonne and six meters in diameter. This required the assistance of an all-terrain, 35 tonne crane to lift it into place.


Apollo Lifts and Pandect are excited about our input and the roles our businesses played, and continues to play, in providing greater access to activities for the ageing and those with disabilities.


“The historic dome event was a concrete example of the New South Wales whole-of-government approach to community inclusion and our commitment to ensuring that older people, people with disabilities, their families and their carers can really reach the stars.”


Hon. JOHN AJAKA, Minister for Ageing, and Minister for Disability Services." 



Stephen Stead

Business Development Manager

Apollo Lifts


For more information on Apollo Lifts and an introduction to some of the low rise disabled lifts available (that are similar to the one used in the Sydney Observatory Third Dome), visit our website




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As National Sales and Operations Manager, Mark’s role includes building and maintaining business relationships, and managing and overseeing larger projects, all while keeping a watchful eye out for business opportunities.  Having a background in the health and disability sector provides Mark with the necessary understanding to assist clients when considering access solutions for people with mobility requirements.

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