Infographic - Ageing and Disability in Australia

22nd Dec 16

 Currently in Australia 1 in 5 people are reportedly living with a disability. Almost half of these people are over 65.

The aged 65+ population is projected to increase rapidly over the next decades, both in numbers and proportions of the total population. Meaning that in a relatively short space of time, there will be a large number of people in Australia with a disability.

This drastic change in the makeup of the population has big implications for provision of services, as healthcare, housing and businesses all look for ways to cater to the changing requirements of the population.

The "Ageing & Disability in Australia" infographic below portrays the dramatic change. (Click to view full size).

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Infographic - Ageing and Disability in Australia


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As National Sales and Operations Manager, Mark’s role includes building and maintaining business relationships, and managing and overseeing larger projects, all while keeping a watchful eye out for business opportunities.  Having a background in the health and disability sector provides Mark with the necessary understanding to assist clients when considering access solutions for people with mobility requirements.

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