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1st Apr 19

As a long-standing supplier of platform lift solutions to the Australian market, Vestner holds the safety of our customers in the utmost regard. With this in mind, in this month’s blog we’re touching on some key safety factors individuals in the market for a residential platform lift should consider in their decision-making process.


The importance of a safe lift

One can’t be faulted for assuming safety is a high priority when designing residential platform lifts, but it must to be said that these life-changing domestic lifts aren’t all created equal.

Here at Vestner we understand that individuals with reduced mobility require a platform lift that has been designed with a holistic approach to the safety of the end user. Every aspect needs to be scrutinised from a safety standpoint: from the entrance and loading of the lift to its operation; any potential hazards in regard to the unit’s surrounds; and potential power failures.

If these aspects are overlooked it can put the user in dangerous situations — the seriousness of which can be increased with their reduced mobility.


4 key safety points to consider when choosing a residential lift

1. What happens in the event of a breakdown?

Has the designer of the lift taken precautions for the unlikely and unwelcomed event of a breakdown? If the lift you’re looking at buying doesn’t feature some means of getting out in the case of a breakdown (i.e., self-evacuation, alarm or emergency phone), then move on to another model, supplier, or both.


2. Is there anything that can cause injury to the occupant during operation?

All our Vestner platform lifts have been carefully designed to ensure their occupants aren’t exposed to any hazards that could potentially cause injury during operation.

Our trusted network of distributors abide by this point when installing our lifts, looking carefully at any external elements that could cause injury. Our designers and installers ensure all of our installed products adhere to several building standards: AS1735.14, AS1735.15, and Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standard 2010.

Our AU distributors respect risks similar to those shown in the hazard prevention diagram shown below, which is used by our New Zealand partners when installing lifts:

3. Does the platform have safe and level access in and out?

The entrance to a domestic lift needs to be as smooth and level as possible so the user, with their limited mobility, doesn’t have to worry about a fall or trip hazard when loading and unloading. Level access is essential to the safety of the user.


4. What happens in the event of a power failure?

As with lifts of any kind that run on mains power, residential platform lifts are susceptible to power outages. Any lift worth considering for your home needs to have a back-up power source installed, so you’re not left stranded at half-mast in the event of a power cut.

Our 1m and 1.5m Vestner low-rise passenger lifts are battery-powered, meaning they will still operate for approximately ten travels in the event of a power outage.


Your safety is our number one priority

Vestner are in the business of installing equipment to help make your life easier. A spin-off from this is our genuine concern for your safety, which is our number one priority from the time you contact us through to the installation of your chosen lift and for the rest of the product’s service life.

If you have any questions regarding the safety considerations involved with our products and our installation services, please get in touch with one of our Australian distributors listed below. We’d love to hear from you.

Australian Distributors:



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