Disability Discussions

A Truly Accessible City -- A Glimpse into What's Possible

3rd Oct 18
Changes in the makeup of our population has big implications for the provision of services as healthcare, housing and businesses all look for ways to cater to the changing requirements of the population. With this in mind, the accessibility of our towns and cities is coming firmly under the spotlight. Here we look at what is happening across the globe to make navigating cities much easier for those living with disabilities and reduced mobility.

Going up - Accessing the Advantages of Building Upward

8th Jun 18
To build upward or outward? It’s a happy conundrum for anyone planning a residential or commercial new build. In the simplest terms, the difference between building up and building out is that of footprint size. The reduced footprint of a multistorey building can greatly reduce build and land costs and afford more location options. Another advantage to building upwards is the ability to create a more functional and compact home or...

$33m Investment Set to Grow Disability and Aged Care Workforce

2nd Oct 17
A substantial government investment of $33m aims to create jobs and transform services for those with disability and the ageing population. Better services and more jobs on the way NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) participants and the ageing population are set to benefit from better support thanks to a $33m Boosting Local Care Workforce Opportunity (BLCWO) package. Publicised in the 2017-18 Federal Budget, BLCWO is a three-year package that aims to...

Swimming Pool Accessibility

3rd Apr 17
The Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 is an important piece of legislation that has been in effect since May 2011. This legislation requires that all building approval applications for new buildings or upgrades to existing buildings must comply with guidelines that were created to ensure accessibility to all people. Since their introduction, the Disability Standards have helped improve the accessibility of Australia’s new and upgraded public buildings. This...

Sharing Feedback Received from Our Ageing and Disability in Australia Infographic

24th Feb 17
After publishing our infographic about Ageing and Disability in Australia, we received thoughtful feedback from a number of readers. As a follow up to our infographic, we thought it would be helpful to share some of these insights with you. What we heard The comment we heard most often is that of surprise at the enormity of the issue at hand. While many Australians were aware of the rapid growth of...

Infographic - Ageing and Disability in Australia

22nd Dec 16
Currently in Australia 1 in 5 people are reportedly living with a disability. Almost half of these people are over 65. The aged 65+ population is projected to increase rapidly over the next decades, both in numbers and proportions of the total population. Meaning that in a relatively short space of time, there will be a large number of people in Australia with a disability. This drastic change in the...

Exercising in a Wheelchair or with a Walker

7th Apr 16
Having the use of a wheelchair or walker doesn’t mean you can’t exercise – in fact it’s very important to keep exercising, not just for the physical benefits, but for the mental benefits as well.

How to Hire a Carer - and How Vestner Helps

9th Feb 16
When your loved one needs help, they deserve the best. This article will help with choosing the best carer, and we're here to help with the right mobility solution.

Expansion of the NDIS - Great News for Australia

6th Nov 15
The expansion of the NDIS has now rolled out into New South Wales and Victoria, meaning those with disabilities in these regions can be better supported and lead better lives through greater support mechanism and trained professionals.

When to consider a Platform Lift

4th Aug 15
There are some significant reasons why one may look to the installation of a platform lift. We’ll look at the two main ones – physical and environmental. Each of these reasons is intertwined, so in all fairness, is not something that will stand alone.
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