Better Mobility Solutions For Seniors in the Home

4th Mar 13

Independence can be a frustrating thing to give up - fortunately there are plenty of ways to create an environment that supports those who need it. If you're looking to create a more mobile and accessibility-friendly home for a senior there are a number of products that can help. A quick conversation about the every day difficulties that they face can help you create solutions. Talk to your loved one about their needs and look around the home for any areas that could be improved with the following mobility products.  

Hands Free Faucet Controllers  

Control the flow of water with your foot using a small pedal on the floor by the sink. These faucet controllers are a nifty idea for the kitchen or bathroom and make it easy to control the flow of water without having to turn any taps. They are perfect for those who have trouble reaching and grasping.

Stair Lifts  

Don't let mobility impairment stop you from using internal or external staircases. It is easy to move between floors using a safe and reliable stair lift. They make getting around completely effortless and couldn't be easier to operate.  

Grab Bars  

Poles and grab bars can be used to make standing from any seated position in the house as easy as possible. They're ideal for the bathroom but freestanding poles can be installed next to a favourite chair and moved around the living room as necessary to improve stability.  

Platform Lifts  

Pandect Australia offer platform lift design and installation for the home. For those on walkers or in wheelchairs who have difficulty overcoming changes in levels inside or outside the house, platform lifts are a modern solution. They take up less space than a ramp and require less effort to use - a simple control panel allows anyone to operate the lift safely.  

Make life at home as easy as possible for any senior who wants to remain independent. A few alterations make it easy to remain active and create access where it may have been lost. Our own solutions at Pandect are tailored specifically to suit your needs. Contact us to find out more about the mobility solutions we offer.

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