Mark Veitch

As National Sales and Operations Manager, Mark’s role includes building and maintaining business relationships, and managing and overseeing larger projects, all while keeping a watchful eye out for business opportunities.  Having a background in the health and disability sector provides Mark with the necessary understanding to assist clients when considering access solutions for people with mobility requirements.

Elevator Proxemics: Don't stand so close to me

5th Jun 19
Ever noticed how people start to act strangely as soon they set foot in a lift? This quirky little ‘elevator etiquette’ dance we do is in fact a set of predictable moves we make to help us deal with elevator proxemics… also known as people standing too close to us.

How to choose a safe residential lift

1st Apr 19
Today, we’re touching on some key safety factors individuals in the market for a residential platform lift should consider.

Vestner and the Christchurch Arts Centre Rebuild

1st Feb 19
Here we look at Vestner's involvement in rebuilding the Christchurch Art Centre following the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes.

Are You Brave Enough to Ride One of the World's Scariest Elevators?

4th Dec 18
To finish off the year we thought we’d write a fun post looking at some of the scariest elevators in the world. Are you brave enough to take them on?

A Truly Accessible City -- A Glimpse into What's Possible

3rd Oct 18
Changes in the makeup of our population has big implications for the provision of services as healthcare, housing and businesses all look for ways to cater to the changing requirements of the population. With this in mind, the accessibility of our towns and cities is coming firmly under the spotlight. Here we look at what is happening across the globe to make navigating cities much easier for those living with disabilities and reduced mobility.

The Rise of the Elevator and Vestner

6th Aug 18
In the same way motorised transport revolutionised travel and trade, the elevator has had an enormous impact on the way we’ve constructed the buildings we live and work in. Let’s look at some of the milestones in elevator development and for Vestner as a company. The 19th century: The beginning of the modern elevator Defined as an enclosure or platform raised and lowered in a vertical shaft, the elevator is...

Going up - Accessing the Advantages of Building Upward

8th Jun 18
To build upward or outward? It’s a happy conundrum for anyone planning a residential or commercial new build. In the simplest terms, the difference between building up and building out is that of footprint size. The reduced footprint of a multistorey building can greatly reduce build and land costs and afford more location options. Another advantage to building upwards is the ability to create a more functional and compact home or...

How Businesses Can Better Serve Customers with Disabilities

3rd Apr 18
People with limited mobility can modify their homes to suit their specific challenges. The same can’t be said when they head out for the weekly shopping mission. Having left their front door, they’re at the mercy of business owners and any provisions they’ve made for disabled customers – almost 20 per cent of the Australian population. Seeing a shopping environment through the eyes of someone confined to a wheelchair or...

How to Make an Event Accessible for All

3rd Dec 17
Temperatures are rising, and the summer event season is upon us. If you’re disabled or physically impaired, you’ll know all-too-well that well planned access and disabled facilities can make or break your event experience. If you’re not… you probably won’t. Poor access is usually a result of ignorance rather than malice, but is very unwelcoming and in some cases discriminatory, none-the-less. So, read on to learn six ways events can...

$33m Investment Set to Grow Disability and Aged Care Workforce

2nd Oct 17
A substantial government investment of $33m aims to create jobs and transform services for those with disability and the ageing population. Better services and more jobs on the way NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) participants and the ageing population are set to benefit from better support thanks to a $33m Boosting Local Care Workforce Opportunity (BLCWO) package. Publicised in the 2017-18 Federal Budget, BLCWO is a three-year package that aims to...
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