Platform Lifts For Every Setting

27th Jun 13
For most people, independence is largely one of the most highly valued entitlements in someone's life. For those of us in wheelchairs or who have significant difficulty walking or negotiating stairs, retaining ones independence can be challenging.

Maintaining Independence & Making Life A Little Easier For Wheelchair Users

29th May 13
We all value our independence, but for wheelchair users, this can be a little more difficult to maintain. Luckily, with a bit of thought and a few small changes around the house, it's pretty easy to make life a little easier for wheelchair users.

Mobility Lifts For Arthritis Sufferers

29th Apr 13
Arthritis is the main cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia, with 3.85 million Australians affected at a cost to the economy of more than $23.9 billion each year in medical care and indirect costs such as loss of earnings and lost production.

Understanding The Housing Needs Of Senior Citizens

8th Apr 13
For many families talking about the future housing options of senior family members can be confusing and stressful. However, the earlier you discuss your current needs and options, and how you expect those needs to change over time, the more choices and control you'll have over your future living arrangements.

Better Mobility Solutions For Seniors in the Home

4th Mar 13
Independence can be a frustrating thing to give up - fortunately there are plenty of ways to create an environment that supports those who need it. If you're looking to create a more mobile and accessibility-friendly home for a senior there are a number of products that can help.

How Schools Can Meet The Needs Of Students With Physical Disabilities

7th Feb 13
Providing accessibility throughout your buildings is crucial, as well as designing courses to suit those with mobility difficulties.

Swimming Pool Accessibility Options For The Disabled And Elderly

14th Jan 13
At Pandect Mobility Solutions, we specialise in creating more accessible environments in the home, workplace and at educational and health facilities with the latest, easy to use lift and handling technologies.

Overcoming Residential Access Challenges with Low-Rise Platform Lifts

8th Nov 12
For the elderly, persons with reduced mobility or those using manual wheelchairs, large power chairs or walking frames, certain residential buildings can pose challenges to access.
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