$33m Investment Set to Grow Disability and Aged Care Workforce

2nd Oct 17

A substantial government investment of $33m aims to create jobs and transform services for those with disability and the ageing population.

Better services and more jobs on the way

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) participants and the ageing population are set to benefit from better support thanks to a $33m Boosting Local Care Workforce Opportunity (BLCWO) package. Publicised in the 2017-18 Federal Budget, BLCWO is a three-year package that aims to create more jobs in regions that require substantial employment growth in preparation for the complete NDIS rollout in 2020, reported International Business Times.

NDIS is the new way the government will provide support for Australians with disability, their loved-ones and carers. As NDIS rolls out, demand for services and customised facilities will grow exponentially. It’s forecasted that the workforce supporting those with disability will more than double from near 73,000 in 2013 up to around 162,000 by the time of the scheme’s full implementation. On trend, the workforce for aged care is expected to grow too – from approximately 366,000 in 2016, up to 980,000 by 2050.

In a joint press release published on, Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter said of the BLCWO, “It is designed to increase capacity in rural, regional and outer-metropolitan areas so NDIS participants and older Australians seeking aged care services have access to high quality services and support.”


Finding a worthy leader for Boosting Local Care Workforce Opportunity

It was announced that ten organisations that specialise in business sector growth and transition have been shortlisted as applicants to lead the Boosting Local Care Workforce Opportunity. The victorious applicant will be decided by December 2017, with the package set to launch shortly after that time.

The lead organisation will be expected to engage and influence service providers on a national scale as well as in specific regions, and deliver national-targeted programs or projects for the government. They will be pegged with delivering, managing and reporting to the government on the Boosting Local Care Workforce Opportunity package.


Higher demand for access and mobility solutions

With the NDIS roll out, the growing ageing population and the Boosting Local Care Workforce Opportunity package, heightened demand for access and mobility solutions is expected throughout Australia. As one of Australia’s leading providers of access solutions, Vestner can address this increased demand with their quality lift products imported through their network of  trusted distributors .

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