Expansion of the NDIS - Great News for Australia

6th Nov 15
The expansion of the NDIS has now rolled out into New South Wales and Victoria, meaning those with disabilities in these regions can be better supported and lead better lives through greater support mechanism and trained professionals.

When to consider a Platform Lift

4th Aug 15
There are some significant reasons why one may look to the installation of a platform lift. We’ll look at the two main ones – physical and environmental. Each of these reasons is intertwined, so in all fairness, is not something that will stand alone.

NDIS - a success or lip service?

9th Jun 15
We are continually keeping an eye on how things are evolving within the disability area, and it was great to see the positive pass mark that has come to light in regards to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (or NDIS as it is more commonly referred to) and society’s feedback on this initiative.

Making History

17th Mar 15
At Vestner, we know that we have some awesome products that are making everyday life so much more enjoyable for a small population, through accessibility. So when we have one of our Australian partners wanted to tell the world about it, we are always more than happy to accommodate!

Discrimination & Disabilities

20th Feb 15
In today’s day and age it is hoped that discrimination against the disabled is well and truly dead. Unfortunately good intentions aside, Australia (and many other countries throughout the world) are still in a state of flux with unawareness a significant driver. Discrimination against the disabled comes in many forms and even from the parts of society we would least expect.

There's No Need to Leave Home in the Case of Poor Mobility

To some Australians, having to cope with reduced mobility means that the only option is to move into a retirement home or assisted care facility. Being able to remain at home can make all the difference during a trying time.

I Need An Access Solution - Where Do I Start?

30th Oct 14
Once you’ve decided that you may require a lift for your home or business, the next logical step is to research solutions or approach a lift company to pick out the type and model that will best suit your needs. We understand that this process can feel overwhelming, especially if you have limited knowledge about accessibility solutions and the companies that provide them.

How to Ensure Your Building Complies with Disability Standards

18th Sep 13
Australian legislation mandates that buildings must have accessibility options for people with disabilities. This post provides an overview of the things you'll need to consider when constructing or renovating a building in Australia.

Does Your Loved One Need Assisted Care?

18th Aug 13
It's not always easy to determine if a loved one is able to remain their home, or if they'd be safer, happier, and healthier in assisted living. Here are a few of the factors you should consider before making a decision about assisted living.

Safety First At Home

31st Jul 13
It's no secret that most accidents occur in and around the home. For those of us who are older, and are perhaps not as spritely and dextrous as we once were, this means it is all the more important to have safety measures in place to prevent injuries inside and outside the home.
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